Robert J. Newton

Dr. Robert J. Newton has lived his life much in the manner he writes… with a quest to surround himself with the highest level knowledge in the myriad areas that ensure we live rich, full lives.

Certified Channel of the Tibetan Foundation, Etheric Healing, Reiki, Sound Signature Healing, Magnetic Acupuncture, Theta Healing and Light Speed Learning

Santa Ana, CA

His education has been extensive, ranging from Speech and English at Cal State Fullerton, to a Juris Doctorate from American College of Law, and many certifications in alternative healing. He formalized his career in Naturopathic Medicine as a graduate of Clayton School of Natural Healing.

Newton has lived to serve others; operating an award-winning landscape and design company for many years, as a Christian Science healer for two decades, and more recently as an author, speaker and life and relationship coach. Yoga, Metaphysics, Spiritual Sciences, Natural Healing, World Religions, Ancient Hermetic teachings… this philosopher and champion for the world has tapped into the roots of spirituality, sexuality, life and love–all with the purpose to enlighten those with a common desire to utilize multiple methods and strategies to approach life more effectively, creatively, radiantly and with great abundance.

From the author…
I am proud of my work, my books and my seminars but only as much in that I realize that I am the conduit of the information and not the creator thereof, and thus… if I am given that information and guidance, I am compelled by the highest template of divinity, to share and dispense this to humanity.

Because as the consciousness of humanity is elevated. I am benefited exponentially there from. My teachers along my journey in this incarnation, I give gratitude to them in my books, and as I share my Akashic insights I likewise honor them, even if they do not realize it. 

~ Dr. Robert Newton