The Immortality Prophecy

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The Immortality ProphecyThe Immortality Prophecy: Let the Reveal Begin!

Welcome to the land of immortal possibilities—where for 54 years the acclaimed author, Dr. Robert J. Newton, existed in his unique “stomping grounds—not knowing one day he would be called upon to share his journey therein. This book is a companion to its predecessor novel, In Search of the Body Immortal; Let the Journey Begin. Each book can easily stand on its own, although as a fiction work, In Search of the Body Immortal serves well to prepare the reader for The Immortality Prophesy—where the author expands his writing skills to non-fiction. When the author started this book on improved health, life extension and immortality of the human body, it was at the behest of his editor and literary coach, who felt there was much yet for him to share about immortality—on a more serious note. The author’s challenge: to differentiate it from his fiction work, In Search of the Body Immortal.

The challenge was met; the author delivers wisdom and awareness of a unique topic, and couples it—congruent with scientific and ancient esoteric knowledge, and unearthed methods that confirm how a human body can thrive without food and humans can realistically attain a state of immortality. This book builds upon the Gematria research of the brilliant Carl Munck and his book, The Code: Ancient Advanced Technology; the books of Dr. Deepak Chopra, including Super Genes; Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief; Mary Baker Eddy’s text from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: and Dr. Janni Lloyd’s book, The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy. The author graciously acknowledges the books and embraces the research available for continued consciousness about a vital topic, and the wisdom further built upon the Gematria research by Lee Douglas Ross, of, which really assisted the author as he unlocks the secret of words and the manner they interrelate with each other.

What can readers expect to find in this book?

Generally, the most comprehensive approach to health, life extension, and immortality of the human body, composed to date. Specifically, readers will learn why our bodies deteriorate, due to the degeneration of the telomere in our chromosomes. Further, it will be revealed how to stimulate the very enzyme that keeps the telomere from degenerating and wearing out. Luckily, the author shares a multitude of ways this can occur. The book is a primer on how the human body can thrive and create fuel for itself without calories, glucose, or glycogen—in much the same manner as a tree through photosynthesis. In the pages readers will come face-to-face with the concepts of Breatharianism—living without eating food—focusing much less on the deluded notions of fringe thinkers and more in the realm of reality. Fact: these concepts can be proven scientifically; concepts shielded in esoteric knowledge from thousands of years ago that may leave readers dumbfounded. What the author shares in the pages of The Immortality Prophecy is just the tip of a very big iceberg/concept.

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